Hello Guys, In this discussion, we will explain how to chat or video calls with your friends without installing any application. when you send this site link or invite link to your friend then you can chat or video chat both. In this site, you can chat with a number of persons for whom you send this site link. So for this…

1.Open Google chrome in your Mobile (Or) desktop and open (appear.in) site. For this site, there is no need of a mobile number and without any mobile number, we can chat on this site.
2. So friends on this site there is no need of creating any id. if you wish you can sign up.

3. Create a new room by entering a name as your wish and click create room then it will create a new chat group or room with your name.

4. You can invite your friends to your chat room by clicking invite button or Copy the above URL link and share with your friends for whom you want to chat.
5. So, friends, you can use this site for multi purposes uses


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